Strangers is an online, non-fiction book club. Our goal is to carve out a secluded corner of the web where we can read, write, and learn together. We mostly read about the roles of technology in society.

We also read across learning and education; anthropology and philosophy; along with language, writing, and design. We avoid fiction, self-help, and business. We prefer to read books that are distant from the present, and we ignore best sellers.

We are a global group of readers, writers, and thinkers who spend a lot of time questioning our world. If that sounds like you, we'd get along. To maintain a tighter, more committed environment, membership is capped at 40 people.

Want details? Read common questions, browse the handbook, or take a look at our reading list. Interested? Email:

Reading now: Technopoly, The Surrender of Culture to Technology by Neil Postman
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